You Said « chill-lot » ?

This is our Story...

Chill-lot is more than a camping or an adventure center: it’s a philosophy !

It started as a joke, then it became a dream and now it’s a challenge. This company was imagined in 2017 by two fellow travelers who decided to finally put down their backpacks in the Lot valley…

Who Are We ?

Marcela, the rafting champion and adventure guide from Costa Rica.

Martial, the engineer back to nature and his ancestors roots.

In this green land full of legends where a river runs through, we feel like home. And that’s exactly what we want to offer ! An authentic experience, perfumed with adventure and serenity.

We’ve learned that it isn’t the destination that matters but to enjoy the ride so, come chill with us… and pause for a moment!

Let yourself be amazed by the tranquility and magical charms that have their way around here, in this little peace of paradise that has so much to offer !

And Why « Chill-Lot » ?

It sounds like « Chill-out », and we were inspired by the ” slow movement” a cultural trend that has been gaining more and more fans of taking your time and staying calm, to enjoy life’s gifts. We also had “chill out” music in mind, a musical style that renews your whole being with soft and hypnotic melodies.
« Chilling » is our « Carpe Diem » !

Trust us, we’ll make discover this way of life, one that invites you to let go of the frenzy and pause, to enjoy this idyllic place lost in the depths of the Lot Valley…

Our Commitments

From our travels we came back with a profound conviction : we can do it better, much better… In our human relations and in relationship with Nature, as well as in being in tune with the natural rhythm of things and in harmony with our surroundings.

Our services reflect this conviction. We wish to develop ecotourism in our region, it’s a fact, but not without sharing of experiences and smiles. We have the committed desire to protect and beautify our environment, and above all, live there as a community.

Here’s a list of some of the engagements we’ve taken and we are so fond of. When you come stay with us this is what you’re supporting :

  • Use of green energy providers, clean and 100% renewable (enercoop, mint energie).
  • Protection and maintenance of natural habitats inside de Natural Regional Park of Quercy Causses (PNRQC).
  • Waste sorting, recycling, composting, fixing and reuse of materials.
  • Cleaning and maintenance eco friendly products and practices.
  • Support of the local economy, fair trade products.
  • Sharing our community's hospitality values that we are so proud of.

Since 2021, the “Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional” label asserts our commitments :

label valeurs parc naturel regional causses quercy